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Bailey Daniels: A Journey With Music

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Everyone’s passions develop in very different ways. Some people are child prodigies that never had to question what they were good at doing. Other people might spend their whole lives searching for what they are supposed to accomplish. I wish I could tell you that I was born to be a musician and that I picked up a set of drumsticks at 3-years-old for a viral online video. But for me, my story was written a bit different than that.

First of all, welcome to my blog, where I will be tackling a variety of musical endeavors. As an intro to the type of material I will be posting, I thought it was only appropriate to share how music has affected my life. Hopefully, a bit of my musical background will shed some light on the type of posts I will be making in the future. But for now, here is how I found myself invested in the world of music.

Looking back on my childhood, I have very fond memories of performing to the blank television screen in my living room and singing at the top of my lungs to every Shania Twain song played in the car. However, I spent years in and out of a variety of activities. I remember trying gymnastics, dance, swimming, basketball, and acting, but all were short blurbs that died out quickly. When I was in the fifth grade, I moved to a new town with my family and I struggled a lot with the changes that came along with a new place. I remember talking with my mom and she broke down life’s happiness into four categories. She told me that to feel fulfilled, I needed to have family, friends, religious involvement, and something for myself; and at the time, I really only had my family. Her quick solution to my problem was that I needed to choose a hobby to bring me joy. This ultimately led to a conversation where my mom outlined every hobby available to man just to have me deny every suggestion she threw my way. Together, we settled that I would take up guitar lessons, which I might add, I had very little interest in pursuing. Little did I know, that this was the first stepping stone to something much bigger inside of me.

I proceeded to take guitar lessons for about five years after that conversation with my mom. About a year into the guitar lessons, I picked up learning saxophone in my school’s band. Throughout middle school, I learned to read music, techniques for both guitar and saxophone, and I started listening to more music than ever. Seventh grade invited some alternative rock listening, eighth grade brought on a classic rock infatuation and high school broadened my music listening to every end of the spectrum. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I tried to sing for the first time and realized that I wasn’t such a bad vocalist. Between eighth grade and high school I joined a band as the lead singer where I timidly sang the lyrics to Smoke on the Water at a local jubilee festival. My time as a singer in this band was short lived, or so I thought, but I’ll come back to that.

As any other angsty teenager would, I hated my high school in a lot of ways. The only thing that made my high school worth attending were my friends, and of course, the music program. Over my four years there, I was involved in every band available at some point. I took marching band, concert band, rock band, and jazz band. I also joined a woodwind and steel drum ensemble and took AP music theory my senior year. The best part, I enjoyed every minute of it. Every 6am band rehearsal, every tailgate party gig with the rock band, every college jazz band conference made my high school years worthwhile. With almost seven years of musical expertise by the time I graduated, I was fully invested with what I was doing. I even considered a music major at UNT for awhile. But, what I realized was I didn’t need a music degree to accomplish my dreams of becoming a rockstar.

The truth is, the band that I was in for a few months early in high school died out quickly. However, the guitarist and I were close and stayed in contact. My junior year, I went to see him and a friend play at the same jubilee I had performed at with him years prior. That day, he told me that the band was reassembling and asked if I wanted back in the music. Saying yes to him was one of the best decisions I have made to date.

I am now the lead singer for a classic rock and blues band called Revolution. For the last four years or so, we have steadily played together and even recorded an EP. We have played some noteworthy venues and even met some renowned artists, one of our most notable gigs being at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. Currently, my guitarist is attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to get his degree in music performance. My post-graduation plan is to move to Nashville with him and start working on our dream of becoming famous musicians. Of course I love journalism and writing, but the glamorous life of a rockstar does not need a degree to achieve, plus every ambitious soul could use a backup plan.

Now, I attend Texas State University where I am pursuing my degree in journalism and working on my music minor. This semester, I’m taking a guitar class and a rock music history course where I can continue to master my love of music. I sing and play nearly everyday, and I listen to music out the wazoo with a different playlist for any occasion. My love of music only continues to grow and mold itself into something bigger than me. Through my blog, I am hoping to shed some light on things related to being a musician and maybe inspire somebody in their own musical passion. For more musical adventure and super cool pictures of musicians that may or may not be me, subscribe to Hum in the Drum for post updates. I’m excited to share the never-ending music between my ears with you guys!

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