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Posted on June 16, 2020 by baileyadaniels

Greetings revolutionaries! I know things have been quiet since the release of Coronavirus, but Revolution has been steady making noise. As some of you know, during the year, my band and I are separated for college, so breaks are the only time we get to play and perform together. Unfortunately, since the start of this pandemic, the performing part has been a little difficult, but rest assured, we have found the silver lining and are keeping light of everything going on lately. Here are some Revolution updates since March:

First and foremost, on April 10, our first album, Writ of Passage, dropped on all platforms and you can listen now. The album is a mix of beach vibes, hard rock, and classic blues style songs, so there is a little something for everybody. Our first track, Area 51, just reached over 1,000 streams on Spotify, so be sure to give it a listen!

Us wearing animal print pants because it’s out of control, and because we reached 1000 streams

Following the release of the album, we’ve been working on our next album for you guys. We’ve been writing things that step away from the sound on Writ of Passage to offer something new. There is no set date for when the album might be released, but we are going to start recording toward the end of July, and you might want to stay on the lookout for some singles being dropped. At our last show, we performed two of the new songs live. If you want to give them a listen, or go back and watch our live stream, check out our Facebook page: Revolution Band.

Building on that last statement, we had our first show of the summer at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, Texas. Even though Texas is still under social distancing guidelines, buildings have worked their way back up to 50% capacity and we played a sold out show. Bands, Burning Bridges and Vinyl D Vice, accompanied us on stage, and it was a blast of a night. Coming up, we have a couple shows sprinkled throughout July, so be sure to stay posted through our social media or our website.

Revolution at Six Springs Tavern photographed by Joe Torma

Lastly, as some of you know, our drummer is Mr. Gary Fox. Gary is a very skilled musician, and we have been honored to have him play with us for the last couple years. Now, rest assured, Gary will still be around for awhile, so you still have time to catch him at a show or listen to him in our recordings. But, Gary has a family and is settled here in Texas, so when we make our transition up to Nashville in the next year, Gary will not be joining us. So, we would love your assistance in welcoming our newest member, Thomas Dickerson. You might not see Thomas on stage this summer, but he is working with us on some new music and preparing for the transition up to Tennessee.

Thomas Dickerson taking a rock n’ roll bath

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